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Sumara Cologne Intense 50ml

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This fragrance was originally created by the famous perfumer Pierre - Francois Lubin in 1798 under its original name of Eau de Lubin. His creation became a sensation and a favourite of the Prince Reagent and the Imperial Court in France. It was soon to be worn by all the Crown Heads of Europe.

From a rare formulation book in our archives we were able to recreate the original and seek to enhance it further. 

The result was to arrive at a rich masculine fragrance which evokes images of the Regency hero. We chose to blend a multiple of crisp fresh citrus notes of Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon and Bergamot with a rich floral and herbal heart of Orange Flower, Jasmin, Rose and Lavender. 

There follows a gentle transition to a warm woody base of Cedar, Patchouli, Amber and Tonka. Precious woods have always been one of our favourite categories, but this turned out to be so much more as it developed its personality. 


Key Ingredients:

Amber Oil - Himalayas

Bergamot Oil - Italy

Cedarwood Atlas Oil - Morocco

Geranium Oil - Egypt

Grapefruit Oil - USA

Jasmine Absolute - India

Labdanum (Citrus) - Spain

Lavender Oil - France

Lemon Oil - Italy

Mandarin Yellow Oil - Italy

Neroli Oil - Egypt

Oakmoss Absolute - Yugoslavia

Orange Bitter Red Oil - USA

Orange Blossom Absolute - Morocco

Orange Sweet Oil - USA

Patchouli Leaf Oil - Indonesia

Petitgrain Absolute - Indonesia

Rose Damask Oil - Bulgaria

Tonka Bean Absolute - Brazil

Vanilla Absolute - Madagascar

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