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Galena eau de parfum 2ml Sample

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This is a rare gem in the fragrance world, and we have endeavoured to do justice to it's wonderful history with a brilliant 'Roman Candle' of a fragrance. It first shoots into the sky with scintillating top notes of zesty lime, lemon and verbena to give the freshest citrus opening with just a hint of mint. It then explodes sending out sparkling trails of orange blossom, rose and neroli with a gentle nuance of rosemary.

As the main event subsides there is the background glow of a warm woody base of precious sandalwood, amber and vetiver.

'An incredible fresh citrus to brighten your day. Princess Esterhazy, we miss you.'

Esterhazy Bouquet is probably the most legendary fragrance ever created! It originates from 1370 when an alchemist serving Queen Elizabeth of Hungary invented it as an elixir and perfume with the promise of eternal youth.

It was the world's first alcoholic fragrance. To this day it is still known under its original name of 'Queen of Hungary Water' and it remained the most popular 'Eau de Cologne' in Europe for many centuries. As the formulation was enhanced over the years it was enjoyed by Princess Marie Esterhazy and became her favoured fragrance. 

It was reported that whilst at a State Ball, King George IV was dancing a Minuet with the beautiful Princess Esterhazy and became intoxicated by her charming perfume. He enquired as to its origin and arranged for his Court Perfumer to have it made for him. Following this, it became his favourite perfume.


Key Ingredients:

Amber Oil - Himalayas

Clove Bud Oil - Madagascar

Lemon Oil Distilled - Italy

Lemon Verbena Oil - Morocco

Lime Oil Distilled - Mexico

Neroli Oil - Egypt

Oakmoss Absolute - Yugoslavia

Orange Sweet Oil - USA

Orange Bitter Oil - Egypt

Orange Blossom Absolute - Morocco

Patchouli Leaf Oil - Sri Lanka

Petitgrain Oil - Egypt

Rosemary Oil - Spain

Rose Damask Absolute - Bulgaria

Sandalwood Oil - India

Spearmint Oil - USA

Vetiver Oil - India

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