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Caribbean Limes Cologne Intense 2ml Sample

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We sought to revive the days when the Tall Ships plied the Trade Winds, returning from far-off lands with the cargos of precious woods and rich heady spices.

First, we created a perfect fusion of zesty and refreshing citrus oil, West Indian limes, bergamot, sweet orange and grapefruit, the result being one of the finest aromatic citrusy openings we have ever encountered. It was then gently balanced with an elegant green background of basil and clary sage. Citrus oils are always beautifully and naturally complimented by rich heady spices and we achieved a warm and mellow edge with clove, nutmeg and cinnamon to give an amazing depth, substance and longevity.

An exotic blend of precious woods, sandal and cedar add the desired refinement.

The transition from citrus to warm spices and precious woods creates an unfolding story of a shift from day to night, from invigorating to relaxing.


Key Ingredients:

Amber Oil - Himilayas

Basil Oil Sweet - Egypt

Banzoin Siam - Sumatra

Bergamot Oil - Siciliy

Cedarwood Oil - Morocco

Clary Sage Oil - Russia

Clove Bud Oil - Madagascar

Citronella Oil - Formosa

Elemi Gum - Phillipines

Frankincense Oil - Oman

Geranium Bourbon - Egypt

Labdanum Absolute - Spain / Wild

Lavender Oil - France

Lemon Oil - Sicily

Lime Oil - Dominica

Myrrh Resin - Oman

Nutmeg Oil - India

Oakmoss Absolute - Yugoslavia

Orange Sweet Oil - Brazil

Patchouli Leaf Oil - Indonesia

Pine Needle Oil - Siberia

Sandalwood Oil - Australia

Vanilla Absolute - Madagascar

Vetiver Oil - Haiti

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