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Akito eau de parfum 50ml

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This was one of the greatest challenges we faced, reformulating one of the most legendary perfumes to capture the hearts of a modern audience, yet retain all the richness and extraordinary character of the original.

The perfume 'Bouquet du Marechale' was created in 1678 for Madam La Marechale d'Aumont, wife of Antoine d'Aumont, the Marshal of France. Many attempts by famous perfumers over the past 300 years have been made to recreate the original fragrance, but with more than 70 ingredients and no known copy of the original formula, it seemed virtually impossible to discern the actual character.

Within our extensive archive library of rare perfumery book dating back to 1640, we uncovered several formulations for 'Bouquet du Marechale' and from these we painstakingly recreated the original as closely as we could.

We did not want a heavy overpowering rose fragrance and after much experimentation we arrived at a composition which retailed all the magnificence of the rose, but balanced with a subtle hint of the ocean, and tempered by the inclusion of cool green notes of raspberry and violet leaf, resulting in a fresh floral effect.

This is set on a gentle dusky base which we achieved with exotic woods, velvety vanilla and frankincense. We are delighted with the outcome, and are proud to have contributed to the evolution of this perfume legend into the 21st century.

The legend of Marechale continues with a modern interpretation of one of the most legendary perfumes ever created. Sparkling and sensual.

Key Ingredients:

Amyris Oil - Dominican Republic

Bergamot Oil - Sicily

Mandarin Red Oil - Italy

Frankincense Oil - Oman

Orange Oil - Egypt

Patchouli Leaf Oil - Indonesia

Raspberry Absolute - France

Rose Absolute - Bulgaria

Rose White Otto -  Bulgaria 

Sandalwood Oil - Australia

Vanilla Absolute - Haiti

Violet Leaf Absolute - Egypt

Akito Special Note:

In Japan, White Day is celebrated on March 14, exactly one month after Valentine's Day. The celebration obligates lovers to give a sweet and white gift to their beloved as a thank you token.
Akito, with it's White Alba Rose is a perfect gift for White Day

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