Universal Fragrances

Unisex fragrances are becoming more popular, with men and women often drawn to the opposite gender's scents.

With the introduction of our Blue Tabu, men's and women's styles crossover effortlessly.
Unisex fragrances are popular with consumers who care about expressing their individual personality through their scent. Rather than being assigned a standard fragrance based on their gender, they would rather find a scent with a unique personal appeal. More and more people would love to differentiate themselves from the standard gender boundaries and wear freely a fragrance which is equally appealing to everyone.

Blue Tabu is the first in a series of fragrances 'The Art of the Perfumer' will be introducing where we blend the dark woody notes of a traditional male fragrance with the rich florals of the female scent. By balancing this heady blend with fresh light citrus notes we can capture the heart and soul of all users.



'Like walking on a tropical beach on a cool evening just before high tide. The air is rich with the smell of the ocean. You feel the breeze and anticipate the water’s approach.'